As a rocket scientist John knows that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, STEM are important. As a chemistry teacher, John's wife April, knows that no matter how good a job teachers do, some students are still left wondering how math and science really relate to careers. And as a writer, John knows that without the Arts, not only are students left out of balance, but they leave high school with a huge gap in their education greatly limiting their career choices. That's where STEAM comes in!

The arts have never been more important than they are today and their influence on society has never been stronger. From movies, to video games, to advertising, to the signs along main street there is almost no product or service that doesn't get touched by an artist along the way. The STEAM Project is all about empowering kids. It goes way beyond telling them that STEAM is important for having a career and shows them exactly how STEAM will be a part of their career.

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