John C. Brewer visiting Shreveport, Louisiana Schools

John has been invited by the Bossier City Arts Council to speak to students at Shreveport and Bossier City area schools April 30 - May 2. He will be discussing writing, technology, and education and helping to inspire kids to connect with the importance of math, science, technology, and liberal arts. He will be appearing at three middle and high schools, a veterans hospital, The Bossier City Arts Council Lecture Series, and the Shreveport Writers Club. If you are in the area come on by! John would love to get to know you.

Winter Storm Remus Delays Author Residency!

Alas, there's nothing we can do about Mother Nature when she decides to dump some snow on us. The very week I was scheduled to appear at the Bossier City Arts Council Author Residency Program, Winter Storm Remus swept across the Southeast shutting down pretty much everything. Yes, I know it's nothing compared to Boston. We got about 7 inches. But the Southeast isn't equipped to remove any of the white stuff! Worse still, it tends to fall on a warm street and then turn to ice. I've lived in the North and snow and ice in the South is more dangerous. It doesn't last as long, but 7 inches of southern snow is a lot worse to drive on than 7 inches of northern snow!

Because of the snow that fell directly along Interstate 20 from Birmingham to Shreveport, the Bossier City Arts Council postponed the visit until the end of April. We were all disappointed but Robin Jones, the director, was so professional and wonderful to work with. If nothing else, it gives me another two months to work on my presentation!