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"Why does a rocket scientist start writing stories? In fact, I only started writing because I became a rocket scientist."

- John C. Brewer

Long before John redefined the modern techno-suspense novel, he was working long hours as an engineer in Huntsville, Alabama, while carrying around stacks of note cards and working late into the night on his first novel.

Born in Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada, to a U.S. Naval aviator and a homemaker, John Brewer, lived all over the United States as a child, and dreamed of being a professional soccer player. There was no professional soccer in the United States at the time and John had to accept that he didn’t have the stuff to play in Europe so, he shifted gears and majored in physics at Auburn University. After graduating in 1987 he earned a masters degree in aerospace engineering and went on to work as a rocket scientist in Huntsville, Alabama.

One day, as John was immersed in a project analyzing enemy missile capabilities, he was walking across the parking lot of McMorrow Labs, the famous “Building 5400,” on Redstone Arsenal and he had an idea for a book.  Burning the midnight oil every night for the next few years, John became an expert on nuclear weapons and North Korea before writing his first book, The Silla Project.

But even before The Silla Project was published, John was already hard at work on his second book. As he and his sons fought aliens in the virtual world of HALO 2 an idea had come to him for his next novel.  The product of this idea was Multiplayer, a favorite of SciFi fans and gamers alike, and was actually published before The Silla Project! John has just finished his third book which will be out next year and he is hard at work on several sequels.

When he’s not writing, Brewer still consults as a rocket scientist and problem solver for hire, and takes time to mentor kids on how math and science can change their lives. He also keeps up with world soccer and plays regularly, having coached for years and managed his area’s Little League soccer program. John has three sons – all now in college – and lives with his wife in Huntsville, Alabama.